Farm Management Providing Farmers with Real-Time Insights and Traceability
Get Weather Information Soil Health Reports and Disease Info.

$80+ Bl

Meeting Africa’s demand for food requires $80 Billion Annually
About Us

We are more than you imagine

We are a full-stack agriculture platform providing agri-based services to farmers including weather information, financing, farm inputs and advisory, insurance and access to market.
  • We work with all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain
  • We use technology and data to make decion
  • We source directly from our farmers and supply agriculture produce in bulk.
The Sector is projected to be $1 trillion industry by 2030
60-75% Africans directly rely on agriculture for living

Access to Finance

Financing is a major barrier to growth in Africa’s agricultural sector, particularly for smallholder farmers. Interest rate are particularly high, up to 25%. The lack of collaterals from farmers acts as a setback to the development of the sector.

Best Practices

Climate change is exacerbating the spread, creating favourable conditions for pests and the survival of specific plants diseases. Farmers needs to get new techniques to handle these challenges in the farm with the help of Agronomists.

Access to Markets

For a typical farmer, the closest market is 18 kms away from the village center and more often than not there is seldom any road and/or public transportation services to reach that market where the farmer is not assured of the market prices.


We use data analytics to help our farmers produce more.

Agripoa's mission is to accelerate the access and adoption of Financial Services to African Farmers. We do this by co-investing with our farmers in their farms and help them pay for their farm inputs and other expenses in the farm.

We Provide recommendations to farmers based on actual crop progress by field, records of previously applied agronomic practices and forecast for the upcoming days. We analyze practices that lead to best yields across our farms we work with.

We have patnered with Local and international Offtakers who are interested in Holticultural, Crops and Livestock Products. We help our farmers get connected to these offtakers at an assured and constant offtaking price. This gives confidence and assurance to our farmers to produce more.

Agriculture is the most affected sector by droughts, absorbing on average about 84 percent of all the economic impact. Through Agripoa, farmers can pay and get an insurance cover straight from our platform. We use farm data to score our farmers and advise Insurers when claims happens.

One of the challenges hitting the farmers right now is the Climate change. We are experiencing more heat and less rainfalls than before. Our company partners with Solar companies to install irrigation systems using solar energy to make our farmers produce food throughout the year.

Every agricultural operation depends on proper facilities and buildings and reliable equipment. But the real value of equipment comes from operation — not ownership. We offer flexible leasing options to meet the varying needs of our farmers.


Check Amazing Works By Us

We are working with different farmers in crops, holticulture and livestock industry. Some of our farmers are based in Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Manyara, Arusha, Moshi, Dodoma, Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya and Songea. We have connected some farmers with Finance, and Crop Insurance Cover from our partners. Let you be our next farmer and let us solve the food challenge in Africa and the world by producing healthy food.

Avocado Traceability

We have an apetite on Avocado projects. We are working with farmers in Mbozi, Songwe, Njombe and Iringa by providing them a Farm Management Software capable of profiling and traceability.

Coffee Project

We are working with Coffee Farmers in North East, North West and South Eastern part of Tanzania. We have patnered with an input financing company that supplies our farmers with farm equipments like tractors, irrigation systems and other machineries.

Irish Potatoes

We are working with Irish Potatoes farmers in Mbeya and Hydom. We connect these farmers with our partner offtakers and help then finance their inputs like fertilizers and seeds. We get our money back after they have sold their crops.

Pepper Farmers

We have financed some pepper farmers in Dodoma


Maize is also among the projects that we support


We also work with some Watermelon farmer in Arusha


Some farmers in Babati, Moshi and Inginga are working with us.


We have worke with Onion Farmers based in Manyara, Iringa and Mpanda


We work with Sunflower farmers in Dodoma and Singida


Why Finance your Farm Through Agripoa

Financing is a critical barrier for smallholder farmers to access the other inputs that they need to increase crop yields and income. The Financing gap is estimated to be $170 billion and it is due to lack of the right financing facilities and lack of collaterals for smallholder farmers. Agripoa is the best because:-

No Collateral needed

We don't need collateral to finance our farmers. We simply produce and sell together.

Short Time

Due diligence takes one to two weeks and the farmer gets financed immediately.

Farm Data is the Key

Using our platform is an added advantage as we use farm data for credit scoring.

Market Access

We connect our farmers with markets to make sure that they sell their produce.

Why Choose Us

Our Software touches every sector in Agric Value Chain

We are East Africa's only automated Agro Advisory App for Smallholder Farmers and Medium Farmers. Our App provides accurate weather forecasts (Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed & Direction, Rainfall) for next 14 days at a village level. It is unique and farmer friendly.

  • It allows a farmer to create a profile
  • Allows a farmer to map his/her farm
  • Allows a farmer to chat with Agronomists
  • Allows a farmer to create farm groups communicate with fellow farmers
  • Has VSLA feature which allows farmers to save their money and get farm inputs loans
  • Allows business owners like Farm input supplier to save their data
Team Members

We have a team of diverse skills

Our Company is made up of dedicated and talented team and it is made up of Agricultural Experts, Veterinary Experts, Software Developers, Agents and Consultants.
Agripoa is for you

Become a successiful Farmer

By using our farm Management Software


What people say about us

Overall, my experience with Agripoa has been overwhelmingly positive. Their innovative solutions have helped me increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve sustainability on my farm. I would highly recommend their services to any farmer looking to leverage technology to improve their operations.

Mama Chris Tumaini

Poultry Farmer

I've also been impressed with their pest management solutions, which use integrated pest management techniques and data-driven insights to minimize the use of pesticides while effectively controlling pests. Not only has this helped me reduce my environmental impact, but it has also saved me money on expensive chemical treatments.

Dorothy Nengai

French Beans Farmer