We are solving the African Food Problem by Digitalizing Agriculture

This is done through empowering our farmers and all players in Agriculture value chain with real time data insights.

A brief Introduction

AgriPoa is a Farm Management Software that helps Poultry Farmers to plan, monitor and analyse farm activities easily by linking farmers with Farm Experts, Farm input Suppliers, Credit and Insurance.

The world is changing and people are getting more connected to technology which gives many new posibilities of fast decision making. Our aim is to positively impact billions of people and changing the way food is produced in Africa. We have built a Software that uses Artificial Intelligence to help farmers to produce healthy, safe and nutritios food in a sustainable way. The use of information straight from the field to farmers finger tips helps them to make immediate actions.



The Value you get from AgriPoa

Detect your Poultry Disease by Scanning from our App and Get your Poultry Insurance Instantly through the App.

  • Real Time Insights
  • Disease Detection by using AI
  • Field Operations
  • Farm Data Analytics
  • Traceability
  • Claims Requests and Payouts done through the App.


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