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Small and Medium Farmers

African Farmers face a lot of challenges in the field and some may include:-
(i)Poor Farming Knowledge
(ii)Difficult to get Expertise assistance
(iv)Lack of capital
(v)Difficult to access Insurance
(vi)Market Challenges, etc
Agripoa comes in to help these farmers by providing best practices to them. We give them a personalised calender which reminds them to perform every farm activity accordingly. Farmers also have an opportunity to chat with our online experts and other experts. With an increased disease challenge, farmers can detect Crops and Livestock disease by using their Mobile phone through Agripoa App. We also link farmers with Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies to make sure that they maximize their produce.

Farm Input Suppliers

There has been a challenge of Farm Inputs like DOCs and Vaccinations.
We partner with Companies to help them produce their farm inputs as per the market demand and help to distribute their products to our farmers.
(i)Through our Platform, they will easily know the behaviours of their farmers.
(ii)They will easily serve their clients as they will be making orders through our system.
(iii)They will know how their products are perfoming in the markets after having all the insights.
(iv)It will be very easy for them to plan marketing campaigns and reach more farmers in a short time.
Our Software is a Central registry of all farm input farmers with their fields and risk insights across the farm portfolio.

Insurance Companies

Livestock Insurance is a financial innovation that stimulates investments in the agriculture sector through increased access to funding and motivation to all stakeholders. Unfortunately in Africa, there has been a less uptake of this service (almost 3%) because of lack of education to smallholder farmers and lack of farm data which makes it difficult for insurers.

Agripoa independently develops an algorithm model and a risk control claim settlement model based on the customer's individual behavioral risk; it can deeply learn individual behavioral risks, lock individual insurance risk points, and finally achieve accurate evaluation individual insurance risk costs;

Financial Institutions

Do you offer Credit facility? Would you like to expand to a bit market of farmers? Agripoa is here for you.
(i)We know you lack farmers data
(ii)We know it is very difficult for your staff to visit the farmers and perform due diligence before disbursing the loans to them.
(iii)We know it is very difficult for you to score farmers for your Credit Score.
(iv)We know it is very difficult for you to enrich your agricultural financing offering with a digital agriculture platform.

Let us do this for you! We integrate data insights to your credit risk scoring platform and lower the risk of new financing. You will be able to Collect customer behaviour analytics based on farm assets, practices and performance.

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